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About FSA Cable TV Service

The Faculty Student Association (FSA) and Residence Life have teamed up to provide Cable TV access to all resident students on campus. Every residence hall room is wired for Cable TV allowing students to have access to an channel line up consisting of popular programming such as music, sports, news, education, and entertainment.

Digital and High Definition Television: We are pleased to announce our transition to a digital cable TV system. With this upgrade, we're able to offer improved picture quality, enhanced features, and high definition capabilities that were not possible with our previous standard analog cable system.

TV Requirements: Make sure that your TV is capable of processing digital clear QAM signals. You must have a fully compatible QAM tuner in order to receive digital TV on the Fredonia campus. Standard NTSC or  ATSC digital ready tuners are NOT compatible with our digital clear QAM signals. Furthermore you must have an HD compatible TV to receive the HD channels.

We have found that less expensive TVs tend to come with a lower quality QAM tuner such as Dynex and Insignia. This can affect the quantity and quality of channels received by your TV. Lower end tuners will result in missed channels during channel scans and channels can appear pixilated. If this is occurring with your TV it is most likely that your tuner is not fully compatible with the specifications of our broadcast systems. We recommend purchasing a Digital TV converter box that has been fully tested on our Cable TV network. 

iView 3500STBII Digital DTV Converter Box

What You'll Need to Do: All resident students should perform a complete channel scan using your television's setup menu. This will allow your TV to see the new channel lineup.

General TV Programming Instructions:

  1. Press Menu on your remote control
  2. Navigate to channel setup screen
  3. Set TV to Cable, Digital Cable, or QAM mode
  4. Select Auto Program option
Note: Please consult your owner’s manual for detailed instructions if needed.
Digital TV

Cable TV Connection: For television service, connect the coaxial cable (customer provided) from the cable TV outlet to the cable TV connection on the back of the television. Cable TV accessories are available for purchase at the University Bookstore, located in University Commons.

FM Stereo Connection: FM signal is available on your cable system. Connect the coaxial cable from the cable TV outlet to the antenna input connector on the stereo receiver. Consult your stereo receiver owner’s manual for more information.

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