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University Bookstore
The University Bookstore operated by the FSA is where you can find all of your course materials, gifts, Fredonia clothing and much more.

Textbook Buy Back

Textbook Buy Back Value Check: Use your book's ISBN# for the most accurate quote. Check Your Books Buy Back Worth.

Get Cash For Your Books: The bookstore offers a Daily Buy Back and an End of Semester Buy Back to sell your books for cash. Bring your FREDCard and unwanted textbooks to the University Bookstore to take advantage of this service.

Daily Buy Back: Finished with a textbook before the end of the semester? Our Daily Buy Back allows you to sell your textbooks back to the bookstore throughout the semester for the current market value. This option is great for students who are taking partial semester courses or missed the previous End of Semester Buy Back.

End of Semester Buy Back: Our End of Semester Buy Back can pay up to 50% of the purchase price for textbooks being used again in the next full semester. Value is based on whether it was purchased New or Used and on the book's current condition. Some textbooks that are not being purchased by us for the next semester, may be bought back at current market value by a national used book company.

When to Sell Your Textbooks: The bookstore will purchase a pre-determined quantity of textbooks for use during the next semester based on instructors' requests. We recommend that you keep your book until your Finals are completed before bringing the book to the Buy Back. However be aware that this can decrease the value paid if the bookstore has already met its' limit.

The Life of a Textbook: The average life of a basic textbook is about three years. The closer a book gets to this age the less value it has. To receive the best value, you should sell your textbooks back as soon as possible after you have determined you no longer need them.

Your FREDCard is required for all buy backs!

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