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The Textbook Pre-Pack option is a value added service offered by the University Bookstore. Textbooks will be pre-packaged and ready for pickup when you arrive on campus at the beginning of each semester. Simply go to the Pre-Pack area in University Commons and show your FREDCard to pick up your books.

Eligibility Requirements: This free service is available to all students; however, you must have a balance of $600 or greater in your Fredonia Debit Account at the time the Textbook Pre-Pack requests are processed. If you are enrolled in a Fall Fredonia Debit Account Plan, you will be billed the same amount for Spring semester. The FSA Office will contact anyone that has requested a Pre-Pack and does not meet this requirement before Pre-Pack processing begins.

Selection of Books: When submitting your request for a Textbook Pre-Pack, you will be able to choose your preference of having your Pre-Pack filled with New or Used books if available. If a book is not available in your preferred book type, then the opposite book type will be given to you if available.

 Used books are sold at 75% of the new book price. Used books may contain underlining, highlighting, and/or additional markings.

Signing Up: Please sign in to myFSA to request a Textbook Pre-Pack

Need Help? If you have any questions or concerns please Email FSA or call (716) 673-3417 Ext. 6228.

Picking up Your Books: At the start of the semester, you may pick up your Pre-Pack in the Pre-Pack area of University Commons. Any Pre-Packs not picked up by close of business on the last day of the Textbook Pre-Pack pickup period will be returned to the shelves. The money will automatically be added back to your Debit Account.

You must have your FREDCard for identification to pick up your Pre-Pack.

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