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University Bookstore
The University Bookstore operated by the FSA is where you can find all of your course materials, gifts, Fredonia clothing and much more.

Textbook Requisition Registration

Our Textbook Requisition process is changing please contact the bookstore to get more information

To request books for classes that you are instructing, you will need to register an account with FSA to be granted access to the textbook requisition website. After your account is requested, please allow up to 24 hours for the request to be processed. You will receive an email with your password and a link to sign in. You may alternatively return to this page and use the Login Now!  link to sign in.

Please provide your FID and you FREDCard number in the fields below. This will allow use to verify your association to Fredonia.

Fredonia ID Number:
(i.e. F00000000) case sensitive
FREDCard Number:  
(i.e. 0000000000000000) 16 digits

Already Signed Up? Login Now!

What is my "Fredonia ID Number": Your "Fredonia ID Number" is the generated ID assigned to you by Fredonia. You may obtain your generated ID by logging into "Your Connection". All students, Faculty, and Staff receive Fredonia ID numbers. For further assistance please contact the FSA office at (716) 680-6228

What is my FREDCard number: Your FREDCard is required to create an account with the Textbook Requisition website. Your FREDCard Number is the 16 digit number found on the back of the new FREDCard.

Or on the front of the older FREDCard design.

We all 16 digits on the card for verification.

If your card does not look like either one of these then you may wish to contact the FSA office for further instructions on obtaining your FREDCard number. You may also want to consider purchasing a new card or see if you are eligible for a replacement.

The new Fredonia FREDCard has some features that may affect your use of the card. The new card by design is more identifiable to the Fredonia Campus and is equipped with iClass technology.

To learn more about the Fredonia FREDCard please visit myfredcard.com. If you require a FREDCard Please contact FSA at (716) 680-6228 or visit the FSA office in Gregory Hall.

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