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Before You Troubleshoot 

Make sure that your TV is capable of processing digital clear QAM signals. You must have a fully compatible QAM tuner in order to receive digital TV on the Fredonia campus. Standard NTSC or  ATSC digital ready tuners are NOT compatible with our digital clear QAM signals. Furthermore you must have an HD compatible TV to receive the HD channels.

We have found that less expensive TVs tend to come with a lower quality QAM tuner such as Dynex and Insignia. This can affect the quantity and quality of channels received by your TV. Lower end tuners will result in missed channels during channel scans and channels can appear pixilated. If this is occurring with your TV it is most likely that your tuner is not fully compatible with the specifications of our broadcast systems. We recommend purchasing a Digital TV converter box that has been fully tested on our Cable TV network. Shown below is a fully tested converter box available for purchase through the bookstore. FSA will buy back your converter box at the end of the semester or academic year, provided that all equipment is returned in good working order. Buyback value may vary based on items returned and condition of the unit.

Toner HD Digital Cable TV Settop Converter Box - (available in store at the Fredonia Bookstore)

Cable TV Troubleshooting Self Help Tips

If you are having difficulties with your Cable TV service, please try the following self-help steps:

  • Make sure the jumper/patch cable is connected from the cable outlet to the VHF, VHF IN, or CATV connection on your TV.
  • Make sure the cable connection is hand tightened at the cable outlet on the wall and the back of the TV.
  • Make sure your TV is set to Cable TV (CATV) or QAM.
  • Make sure you run a complete channel scan or auto program your TV through your TV setup menus.
  • Try your TV and equipment on a different cable outlet connection that is known to be working. If your TV does not work on a known working outlet, the problem may be with your TV or equipment. If your TV does work on a known working outlet, then there could be a problem with cable outlet in your room.
  • Try a known good working TV on your cable outlet. If the known good working TV works on your outlet, then the problem may be with your jumper/patch cables or your TV.

If after trying all the above items and you're still experiencing problems, please submit the form below.

Occupants of the room must report their own Cable TV problem (not an RA or RD), as we'll need to contact them directly in order to resolve their problem. Thank You.

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