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Resident Meal Plan Options

If you are a student living in a residence hall on campus, you must choose from one of the following meal plans. Please see our Meal Plan Brochure for our Policy Regarding Meal Plans.

Meal Plans can be used at any food service location on campus.

Meal Plan costs are per semester and are tax exempt. Meals may be used Sunday through Saturday during normal serving hours.

Resident Meal Plans for Fall 2018Cost of Plan
Plan #1 (17 Meals, 225 Points)$2,565.00
Plan #2 (14 Meals, 225 Points)$2,425.00
Plan #3 (10 Meals, 225 Points)$2,280.00
Plan #4 (07 Meals, 500 Points)$2,250.00
Plan #5 (2050 Points)$2,375.00
Plan #6 (7 Meals, 200 Points)$2,000.00
Faculty Student Association of Fredonia
Phone: (716) 680-6228

*** Plan 6 is for Juniors and Seniors only ***

* Meals are on a weekly basis *

* Points & Feed-A-Friends are per semester *

Meal Equivalency:
$7.50 allowance is given in exchange for one Meal at the following dining locations:

  • Centre Pointe
  • El Diable Azul
  • FSA Cafes
  • FSA Concessions

A $5.50 allowance is given in exchange for one Meal at the following dining locations.

  • Starbucks
  • Tim Hortons
Things to Consider Regarding Points


  • Unused points from the end of the Fall semester may be rolled over to the Spring semester only when you select a meal plan for the Spring semester.
  • Rollover points may not be used to reduce the cost of your Spring meal plan.
  • There is no rollover of points from Spring to Fall. Because the meal plan is an academic year contractual agreement.

Reduced Points Plan Prices: Apply to Cranston Marché which features an all you care to eat dining.

Breakfast $7.75
Lunch $8.50
Dinner $10.00

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