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Campus Vending

The Faculty Student Association sub-contracts The Cuyahoga Group. which maintains and services all vending machines on the Fredonia campus. There are several different types of machines that can be found in 24 different facilities on campus. Our vending machines will accept cash or your FREDFunds account.

Service Calls: If you experience a problem with one of our vending machines, please complete a service call form.

Benefits to our Online Vending System: Our online vending system provides additional convenience to FREDCard users, by allowing them to make purchases from vending and copying machines, using their FREDFunds account.

Using the online system is a secure and speedy vending process. Transactions are handled centrally and encrypted securely over our network.


What is a ValuePorts? A ValuePort is a machine that allows you to deposit cash directly to your FREDFunds. Basically, all you do is swipe your card and insert the amount of money you wish to add to your account. (See instructions on the machine for more specific details). There are currently 3 ValuePorts.

ValuePort Locations:

  • Gregory Hall - First floor vending lounge
  • McEwen Hall - Across from the FSA CafĂ© McEwen
  • University Commons - First floor lobby near Convenience Store

The ValuePort shown to the right is located in Gregory Hall. There are detailed instructions above each ValuePort outlining how to add funds to your FREDFunds account or how to Purchase Gift Cards

Did You Know? You can purchase $10.00 Fredonia gift cards from a ValuePort.

Did You Know? You can add funds to any Fredonia gift card using a ValuePort.

Note that the following cash denominations are accepted at all ValuPorts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills.

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