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Program Funding

The Faculty Student Association is now accepting Program Account applications for the June 1, 2023- May 31, 2024 program year.  Funding may be available for events or initiatives that benefit the Fredonia Campus Community.  Priority is given to those initiatives and events that impact the student experience at Fredonia, as well as enhance the educational mission and goals of the University. Please read the Program Account Policy for eligibility specifics and disbursement guidelines.


The data input fields are highlighted yellow on the form. To complete the form, click on the yellow fields and enter the required information.  Be sure to save the form as an Excel file for your use and save the final version as a PDF.

All applications must be emailed to fsa.office@fredonia.edu. Any supplemental information must be emailed in PDF format along with the application. Supplemental documents are limited to two per application. The application deadline is 5:00 PM on Tuesday, February 7, 2023.



**An important note for the 2023-2024 and future FSA Program Applications that affects all applicants, repeat and new.  All applicants are required to provide more specific information in the Narrative and Budget sections of their Application with respect to what event/sub-event will be occurring, when, what expenditures will be made, payable to whom, for what purpose/service/product/award, etc., and for how much. FSA will not make any payment unless all of the previously listed details are specifically stated in the application(if needed, at the time of application, an applicant may need to provide additional supporting documentation for details that do not fit within the space provided in the Application Form).  These requirements apply to all applications, including comprehensive Applications that have multiple sub-events throughout the Program year. In short, if the payment/expenditure requested is not fully detailed in the Application, it will not be covered.  Repeat applicants are urged to review their 2022-2023 Applications and expenditure ledger details to gather and consider the appropriate additional information that will be required in the 2023-2024 Application.
Please direct Program Funding questions to Matthew Snyder at 680-6222.


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